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The cast came off this morning. Yay! for unencumberedness. It feels a little weird to be walking, and of course I'm still favouring my left leg a bit, but over the next few days things should improve dramatically. I have been warned to take it easy, and to be very careful with steps and stairs and kerbs and the like.

The skin on my foot and leg looks a fright, though -- but nothing, I believe, a long soak, a pumice stone and a dollop of cream can't sort out. Let the pampering commence!

BTW, over the last few weeks I've become seriously addicted to Heroes, and yesterday, I've watched my very first episode of Ugly Betty, which I know is going to be a favourite, too. So stand by for seeing me exchange my present Doctor Who(by which I mean, Ten)-icons for icons of my new fandoms soon.

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