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"'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky"

Jobsworth wants me back in the office from Monday. Actually, he wanted me back in from this morning, but I've got doctor's and physio appointments all through this week, and I know I'm not up to that two hour commute both ways yet, so grumpily he's agreed to let me have these next few days off still. I've no idea whether next Monday I'll feel any less daunted about the commute, the 60 hour working week and untold grief from you-know-who, but I'll see how it goes.

Rutger's given me some exercises for my ankle; and though they hurt me to do them, I can definitely feel that the operation has been a success: I have far better stability in my left ankle than I have in my unoperated right. I've never been very good at standing on one leg without keeling over, but now I can just about manage it on the left.

I've finally started on the job of re-painting the window frames, which I needed to do since I had my double glazing installed, but kept putting off until such time as I felt like it. Not that I feel particularly inspired to do it now, but with the imminent arrival of my Venetian blinds (of which, unfortunately, there has been no sign so far), I thought I'd better get cracking, anyway. The only problem is, that I've forgotten what shade of Living Colour white I'd actually painted them last time, and now I'm beginning to think that it can't have been 'Havana', after all.
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