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All through last week, Jobsworth has been urging me to come back to work, and I suppose subconsciously I have been pushing myself to comply to his wishes. In the end though, it has impacted my convalescence in a negative way: I've been suffering from a bad case of postoperative oedema for the past 10 days, and my lower leg, which has turned the colour of red bricks, has swollen to three times the size of my healthy one.

Yesterday, Rutger sounded the alarm bell, and refused to carry on with the treatment until I had it checked out by my doctor. I've just come back from my consultation, and have been severely reprimanded. I am to 'take it easy' (and this time, she's taken care to explain to me exactly what I can and cannot do, so for one thing, I've been ordered to abandon my re-painting of the window frames and skirting boards for the time being - thank God I'd already finished most of it), and I'm not to even attempt to go back to the dreaded commute any time within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Now all I need to do is inform Jobsworth, HR and the company doctor, and get them to agree to extend my sick leave for the duration. I have a feeling they're not going to be pleased about this, since the nature of my work means I can't do any of it from home.
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