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Home improvements: before and after

Ten years ago this summer, I took the plunge and bought the flat I currently reside in. As I'm not one of the world's great savers, I didn't have a lot of money to play with to do it up, and after most of the structural and decorative work had been done, some jobs were left to such time as I would have the inclination and the wherewithal to get to them. Curtains being one of them.

Two years into my occupancy, my downstairs neighbours moved. As a going-away present, they gave me their Venetian blinds, made to measure for our front windows. This solved my problem in the lounge, but it still left me to find a better solution to that of my bedroom window than the one I had arrived at in the meantime:

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a cheap and easy curtain I got at the supermarket for less than a tenner. It didn't really fit, but it helped preserve my modesty undressing before bed at least.

Last February, I had my windows replaced; and in the process, I broke my Venetian blinds. I did this, not the double-glazing men, so...I suppose I have been lucky that this summer hasn't been much of one, as my lounge is on a south-westerly aspect, and directly below the eaves, so in a normal summer, sunlight not only usually floods the room, it also heats it up quite considerably. Still, I couldn't leave it like it was for long

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so last month, I finally did something about it. I bought new blinds and new curtains, and they've just been delivered and installed.

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I've been advised not to close them yet, but let them hang like that for 24 hours so that the folds have a chance to settle in; but there's a full set, one to cover the window and one to cover the door out onto the balcony, and I'm pleased with them. I wasn't too sure about the pattern, and was worried I might not like it after all when they arrived, but now that they're here, I think I'm quite happy with it.

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As to the lounge and the Venetian blinds, this is what they look like:

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Since the window at the side now opens inward as opposed to before when it opened outward, getting one big blind made up proved impractical, so now I've got two: one bigger one and a smaller one hung side by side.

To give you an idea of the colour, here's a pic taken a bit too close up:

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Just before the man came round to hang them, the cats dashed to the windows giving those excited little meows that tell me they've spotted a bird perched nearby. And so they had this time as well: there were two bright green parakeets in the tree on the other side of the street. They must have escaped from somewhere, but I do hope they find shelter soon before the cold weather sets in. Can parakeets survive in this moderate sea climate of ours?

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