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Showing off my curtains (again)

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Don't they just look sumptuous? I couldn't be happier with them, though it did feel rather strange this morning, to wake up and not know at a glance what the weather was like.


Sep. 9th, 2007 07:24 am (UTC)
For me, it's definitely about being able to afford something nice, esp. as I've had to wait the best part of decade for it this time. My tastes, luckily, don't change all that often...My previous abode was styled in the 80s, with a black-white-grey colour scheme; and it was only the move to this flat that prompted me to ditch that scheme and go for something completely different, i.e. cream-vanilla-caramel, to which a few orange touches were added here and there over time; in which I've lived quite happily for the last 10 years. Now, with the addition of the curtains and blinds, I'm sure I'll continue not to make any great style changes for the next 10, either. ;-)