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The other day, I experienced a sudden desire to watch Larry Olivier in the 1944 film version of Henry V, and Ken Branagh in the 1989 version of the same. So I ordered both through Amazon, with a bunch of other films from my wish list, and eagerly awaited their arrival. They were duly delivered, but I've had no luck viewing them so far -- as soon as the programme started, it cut out again, flashing either of two fairly incomprehensible messages on screen; one for Larry, telling me to update my drivers for my video card, and one for the others telling me the video card is knackered. Some deductive reasoning helped me to solve the problem pinpointed in the second message, but Larry's still not working. Woe.

One of these days, I really should get myself a proper dvd-player. After all, they're not even that expensive anymore.


Sep. 13th, 2007 11:02 am (UTC)
Mel Gibson's Hamlet is done in a more traditional way compared to Branagh's, but it's definitely a very good version, too.

Have you seen Ken's Iago? He's utterly despiccable, yet somehow very real. Which is probably the quality I appreciate best in all his films; he's able to breathe so much life into his characters, even the dead heroic Shakespearean ones -- something which, for all his faultless performance and delivery of lines, Olivier never quite managed to pull off...but then, he lived and worked in another time, with other ideas, and it's probably not fair of me to compare them on that level.