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And I'm perfectly fine again. No abdominal pains, not even a hint of discomfort; I can breathe and move about again without any fear of the consequences, and to celebrate, I'm going to go to the gym in a minute and do my exercises.

I've just come off the phone to the company doctor, and I've agreed to a return to work from next week, on a half-time basis for the first two weeks, after which we'll reassess the situation -- I expect by then I'll be ready to return to the job full-time. Originally, I had planned to take the first two weeks of October off, but I'll see about changing those plans to the first week (or two) of November instead, as David Berkeley and -it seems- CoRo, will be visiting our shores again in that time. Surprisingly, they're starting off in Paris on the 4th, and I say surprisingly because I don't think they've ever played in France before, although I could be wrong there. Still, it's been years since I've been to Paris for the day, so I'm quite looking forward to going there now.

I could just wish though, that this my summer of leisure had been anything other than a complete wash-out.
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