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This is hell

I hate the sales.
I like bargain basement prices as much as the next woman, and I can be indescribably happy when I've made a purchase at what I consider a ridiculously advantageous price, but I hate the sales. I hate being jostled, bumped into, brushed up against and constantly having to side-step in order to avoid more of the same. All these crowds, all these idiots getting in my way when I'm on a errand and all I want is to be in and out of there in two minutes. Why can't they be more disciplined about this, leave home with an idea of what it is they want, go straight there, and keep moving? Why do they have to stop and stare at every turn, clogging up the aisles and stemming the flow of traffic?

And why are there sales on almost every fucking week of the year?
Tags: real life

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