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Returned for duty

My first day back at work, and I haven't been able to do a single thing. I couldn't get into my computer as I'd forgotten all my passwords, and had to wait for hours for someone from the IT department to come and reset it. Then I had just about time to clear my inbox of 1700 emails before shutting my system down again and tell my colleagues I'd see them all tomorrow. ;-)

My word! how the office has changed in my absence. The lease on our Utrecht office is up and room has to be found within our building to house an additional 600 people as of next month, so the canteen, a few meeting rooms, labs, the mailroom and the training centre have been closed down and are in the process of being turned into office space.

In my own department, things have changed as well: Heleen, Yann, Paule, Luca, Tim, Dylan, Sarah, Tom, Pierre & Sophie have left and been replaced by Paul, Sanne, Diego, William, Gerald, Emmanuel, Maria, Rita and another girl whose name I've forgotten. Of these, only William knows what he's doing as he's worked with us in the past. Of the old guard, i.e. people who have been in the department for more than a year, only part-timer Allan, and Kim, Fabrizio and myself remain. Processes and procedures have changed dramatically and I don't know how long it'll take me to catch up on that front.

Jobsworth wasn't there. Peter, our security guard at the gate, told me he'd gone home last week with a raging fever, and hadn't been seen or heard of since. Just my luck then, that he called not long after this exchange, to check up on me and let me know he'd be back again tomorrow. As I was leaving, newbie Paul confessed that he hadn't looked after the WPP-account (one of mine) and he feared a situation might be developing there. Oh goodie.

Still, it was good to reconnect with everyone in- and outside of my department. They all seemed pleased to see me, and one's always pleased to hear one has been missed. Also, one likes to hear that between the new hairdo and the weightloss, one looks a million dollars. ;-)
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