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What's nice about me being newly returned to work is that every day there are a number of co-workers who have to do a double take, and then heap gushing praise on my slimmer and shorter-haired appearance. Please God I do not succumb to the lure of ready-meals again when I go back to working fulltime in a week or two.

I should be resting this afternoon, but Mick, my nephew, has just texted me to ask if he can borrow my crutches. Apparently, he's tripped over a loose paving slab, and has badly sprained his ankle. The person in charge of the medikit at his school has bandaged it up for him, but he says he's having trouble putting any kind of weight on it. Poor darling! I hope this is a one-off and not an indication that he's inherited his auntie's problem with weak ankles.
Tags: diet, family matters, health, real life, work

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