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That icon meme

curiouswombat picked the following icons for me:

- 'Sick': this icon uses an image of the 70s American tv series M.A.S.H.-character Major Charles Emerson Winchester III trying to relieve the symptoms of a common cold through steam inhalation. I use it when I'm feeling under the weather myself.

- 'W00t!': one of my 'happy' icons, which I use when I'm excited about or looking forward to something (e.g., when I've scored tickets to gigs or theatre shows). Occasionally, I will use it to show excitement at someone else's news, too. It shows Sookie, Lorelai's best friend and business partner, from Gilmore Girls, in a characteristic pose.

- 'Giggle': used to indicate amusement, this icon by mrbnatural has a screencap from Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet as its base. It shows Olivia Hussey as Juliet trying to stiffle her mirth.

- 'WTF': by sandintheglass. Whenever I'm bemused, befuddled or bewildered, this icon showing Adam Ant is dusted off. Not only does he look slightly confused in the picture; I've noticed that to those who do not instantly recognise him, the picture itself is slightly confusing as well -- which makes it a very effective icon in my opinion.

- 'Not Rolf Harris': one of the underused icons in my Top Gear-icon collection, because frankly, what can you use it for? I'll use it when I've made a hash of things, or in posts that mention Rolf Harris, but since neither are very frequent occurences, it only makes sporadic appearances in my journal. Still, I'm fond of it. It shows James May preparing to draw a picture on a whiteboard, something Rolf Harris used to do a lot in the 80s, but the difference of course is that James can't draw for toffee, and Rolf Harris can.

- 'Taxis': another Top Gear-icon, and one I use most frequently in my travel posts. Waiting for taxis is, I have found, an integral part of the travelling experience...or it is the way I do it.

- 'Eyesight': a recent addition (i.e., only last week) to my icon collection, I haven't really found a use for it yet. I like the image though, the way it's cropped, the colouring and the clarity. I found it on heroes_icons, and at the time thought it showed Peter Petrelli...but now I'm wondering if it might not be Mohinder Suresh instead.
ETA: Nah -- it's Peter Petrelli, definitely.
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