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Hairy details

I've just come from the hairdresser's. It had been a while, and my fringe had reached to my upper lip, making another visit more than necessary.

I used to wear my hair long until a bad break-up some 5 or 6 years ago led me to have it cut (a typical reaction, I'm told). But even though I've had it short(er) for a couple of years now, I still haven't learned to schedule a visit to the hairdresser's once every six weeks, as he keeps telling me I should. No, I don't think to call him any sooner than I did when my hair still came down to my buttocks - once every six or seven months or so. As a result, I tend to walk around with the shaggiest do in Christendom for the longest time. 'Cause my hair's got two major characteristics: 1) I've got a lot of it and 2) it grows very quickly.

When I wore it long, this was never a problem. I'd sweep it back in a pony-tail or a plait, and that'd be it (occasionally, I'd wear it up; but it really was too heavy for that and took too long to secure) -- but it makes life very difficult now that it's supposed to be short. It gets to this awkward length where it constantly pricks in my eyes and starts to curl every which way...and I'm thinking 'if I can get through this, it'll grow out and I'll be a long-haired beauty again soon'. But I can never keep to my plan and before I know it, I'm on the phone with Juan again, begging him to work his magic and his scissors and get this blasted hair out of my face!
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