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The end of the road

I had my last check-up this morning. It lasted all of 2 minutes, at the end of which dr. Van der Flier, my consultant, pronounced that everything had healed splendidly and all I needed to do was keep up with my exercises and build up the strength in my ankle, and closed my file.

I wish I'd pushed for this surgery years ago. It's made such a difference to my everyday life to be able to walk without that deep pain that comes from chronic tendonitis -- I'm surprised at how my doctors have professed themselves surprised at the obvious correlation between the previous instability of the joint and the Achilles problems I'd been complaining to them about for years, but which I'm now completely free of. After this, I can retire the icon I've used for all my ankle no longer reflects the reality of my situation.

What Your Soul Really Looks Like

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