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I felt a bit worse for wear this morning -- we'd had a so-called 'team event', i.e. dinner and drinks on Jobsworth's company credit card, which had unexpectedly turned out to be quite jolly and fun.

(the people I'm most closely associated with at work: Allan, Sanne, Nebojsa and Kim)

(minus Allan, but with me in the middle instead)

It had gotten quite late, and as soon as I opened my eyes I wanted to close them again, but I reminded myself I had to get into town and exchange my broken 20Gb Creative Zen Touch for a 60Gb Creative Zen Vision:M -- Paul, the sales assistant at Dixons had called while I was in Coventry to tell me his quest for a 30Gb replacement had utterly failed, and offered to trade in my old, useless mp3-player for the 60Gb alternative instead if I would just agree to pay the difference. This was a far better offer than the one I'd received from Creative themselves, who had offered to send out a refurbished 30Gb model at a cost of 135 euros, so I'd jumped at it...and I am now in proud possession of a brand new mp4-player with room for 15,000 songs or lots of videos. The price? One knackered Creative Zen Touch and 46 euros 49.

To celebrate my good fortune, I bought a pair of very cute black velvet shorts, perfect for the holidays, and an adorable pair of black leather pumps with a little pink ribbon & bow:

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