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Not best pleased

Well, it turns out the reason I can't get my mp4-player to work is because it's a 'MTP (Plays for Sure)'-device; or so Creative would have me believe. Basically, its software will only allow it to 'Play for Sure' if I downgrade (parts of) my OS, and\or make changes to the registry. Now that last thing, I am not prepared to do. As to the other 8 recommendations, I'll think about implementing those. Meanwhile, it can just sit on my bookshelf, and gather dust.

Sis got me to order tickets for next year's Kane concert in Rotterdam. They're a Dutch rockband, she's a massive fan...and it wasn't as if I had any plans for June 28th, so...

Jobsworth has been getting on my tits again lately. There are no limits to how much I despise and detest the petty little weasel of a man. He makes my skin crawl, esp. when he takes me aside to tell me how nice I look today, and to ask if I still have 'those killer boots'. Yes, I do actually, but he won't ever see me in them again.


Nov. 23rd, 2007 04:18 am (UTC)
ick re Jobsworth... but, wow - those ARE killer boots!