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Song meme

Just a bit of silliness really - these are the titles I could come up with in the last 5 minutes, of favourite songs of mine. Can you tell that that the 80s was really my era?

Five Years/Station to Station/Wild Is The Wind/Heroes - David Bowie
A Forest/Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Dear Prudence - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind and Fire
Ue O Muite (aka Sukiyaki) - Kyu Sakamoto
Forbidden Colours - Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian
Orpheus/Café Europa/Brilliant Trees - David Sylvian
Wild Wood/Above the Clouds/Bull-rush - Paul Weller
Going Underground/A Town Called Malice - The Jam
Children of the Revolution - T.Rex
History/Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You - Robert Palmer
No Milk Today - Herman's Hermits
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
The Look of Love - ABC
The Passenger/I Snub You - Iggy Pop
I'm Not In Love - 10cc
Love Spreads/Fool's Gold - The Stone Roses
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Where the Streets Have No Name/Gloria/New Year's Day/Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Easy - The Commodores
Central Reservation/Sweetest Decline - Beth Orton
Teardrop/Protection - Massive Attack
Each And Every One - Everything But The Girl
Thinking Voyager-2 Type Things/The House At The Top of the World - Bob Geldof
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Eyes Without A Face/White Wedding - Billy Idol
Perfect Skin - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
Club Tropicana - WHAM!
Pearly Dewdrop Drops - Cocteau Twins
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell
Everybody Wants To Rule the World - Tears For Fears
Venus As A Boy - Björk
Enjoy the Silence/Condemnation/See You/Somebody - Depeche Mode
Blue Monday/Touched By The Hand of God/60 Miles Per Hour - New Order
Pretty Vacant - The Sex Pistols
Walk On the Wild Side/Perfect Day - Lou Reed
Visions of China/Nightporter - Japan
Black Betty - Ram Jam
Layla - Derek & The Dominoes
Vienna - Ultravox
ABC Auto Industry/Talking Loud And Clear - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
There, There, My Dear/Love part one - Dexys Midnight Runners
I'm A Believer - The Monkees
Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Ave Generosa - hymn to the Virgin, by Hildegard von Bingen, as sung by Margaret Philpot

This list is by no means exhaustive...I'm sure I can think of some more in a minute...



Oct. 17th, 2003 01:13 am (UTC)
Well, to be fair, there weren't as many 80s songs in that list as I thought there would be. Ue O Muite, No Milk Today, I'm A Believer, and Layla belong to my earliest memories and hail from the 60s. Statisfaction, Five Years/Station to Station/Wild Is The Wind/Heroes, Children of the Revolution, Easy, Baker Street, Pretty Vacant, Walk On the Wild Side/Perfect Day, Black Betty are 70s songs - and the 90s are represented by Paul Weller, Oasis, Beth Orton, Massive Attack and Björk. The rest, I believe, do belong to the 80s, with the exception of the last song listed, which firmly dates to the 12th century.

And...not all of these songs were hits; so if you didn't have the same albums as me, then you wouldn't have heard of them. There, does that help make you feel less uncertain about where you were in the 80s? I hope so! I'm sure there's songs you remember that ring no bell with me...
Oct. 17th, 2003 01:19 am (UTC)
Oh, and the 10cc song dates from the 70s as well, of course. It's totally tacky, but no school party was complete without it!
Oct. 17th, 2003 01:26 am (UTC)
Now that you've split them up in decades, I'm even more absent in the eighties. The songs I remembered were from the seventies/sixties, when I was still listening to 'Hilversum 3'. I don't think I ever bought any albums at all after Neil Diamond (yes, weep) and Queen...
Well, I'm happy with my classical music and Elvis...
Oct. 17th, 2003 02:51 am (UTC)
Maybe that explained it: I never got into the habit of listening to the radio. Too much static and people talking over the music to my taste. Instead, I tended to go into record shops and pick albums at random, and if I liked the sound of them, took them home. And then of course, I was influenced by my friends and older cousins' choice of music as well...and Top of the Pops and the Old Grey Whistle Test...

But - there's nothing wrong with classical music and Elvis. Personally, I've got a particular taste for Ars Nova, Renaissance and Baroque music; and I learnt to appreciate Elvis when an ex-neighbour would play his music day and night...loudly.
I also love jazz - but I don't care for Schönberg, I have to admit.

And Queen...did you know, I started out as a Queen-fan? They're still the band I saw perform live most often -- about 12 times, I think.