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They came and took our bins away from our desks this morning. An e-mail was circulated from on high to explain that from today, we would be working in The Binless Office.

The same e-mail warned that from next Monday, all desks, even the dedicated ones, are to be cleared of every personal item such as family photos, plants, cups or coffee mugs, supplies. That's right: we're no longer allowed to have pens, notepads, post-its, staplers or in-trays on our desks, as Management have decided that these items present an 'unprofessional' image to the visiting public.

We are not open to the visiting public.

A few years ago, Management in their infinite wisdom decided we would henceforth be working in The Paperless Office. Every manual was cleared from the shelves, all the printers/copiers were removed, the knowledge library was closed, and office supplies were no longer provided...but people have been bringing in their own since then (except for the printers/copiers of course, which were reinstalled pretty darn quickly -- we are a printer company after all). We all agree that saving trees is a worthwhile cause, but people do need to jot down their thoughts occasionally, take notes, and have documents and instructions printed out in hardcopy, simply because they're wired that way.

The Paperless Office didn't take -- I'm confident The Binless Office won't either.


In other news: an old friend from my message board days has taken the plunge and created an LJ-account under the name of espo39, but is a bit unsure what to do with it. What do you think, can we show her?
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