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Round Two in this winter's four-wheeler vs. biped competition

Last night, as my friend Allan and I were walking down the Oudegracht in Utrecht and deciding on which café to go into to get out of the rain, a car passed by and drove straight over my foot.

It hurt. I screamed. Which alerted the shopping public to what was happening, which was a good thing, as the driver made ready to flee the scene. He was however foiled in his attempt by several young men forming a tight cordon around his car, and made to provide his insurance details.

They asked me if I was alright, I countered by asking if my boot looked alright, as I would hate it if there were any visible tyre marks on it. They asked if I wanted an ambulance, I said I wanted to go to the theatre. Bewildered, they turned to Allan, enjoining him to take care of me, take me to hospital, do something. I wriggled my toes to see if anything had been broken, felt to my relief that nothing had, and asked them to release the driver. He sweatily shook my hand, climbed back into his car, and drove off with no more caution than before.

Then Allan and I went into the bar, had a stiff drink, and a bad case of the giggles. When we'd calmed down, we went on to the Stadsschouwburg, as the whole reason we were in Utrecht was to go to a Brazilian show of song and dance to which Allan had been given two tickets. Despite the fact that he's been living in The Netherlands for 10 years now, he still feels weird venturing outside Amsterdam, and so he'd asked me to come along and be his guide to this -in his eyes- strange new place. We'd made an afternoon of it, sight-seeing, shopping...

and then, in a street thronged with people because of the late night shopping, someone had to go and drive their car over my foot!

As to Favela Força, the show we'd come to see: it was quite enjoyable and it did succeed, far better than a visit to A&R might have done, in keeping my mind off my painfully throbbing limb for a few hours. This morning when I woke up, there was a massive bruise on the instep, but there doesn't appear to be any more serious injury to it.

But what are the odds, I wonder, of any one person being hit/run-over by some type of motorised vehicle twice in one month?
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