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Time for a change?

I'm thinking of changing Internet providers. It's not that I have any issue with my current provider, but I'm kind of tired of paying seperate bills to seperate entities for my Internet, telephony, and TV. My cable company now has a special offer on, valid until the 31st, of free installation and a digibox thrown in if I make the switch. There's also the possibility of having a wireless Internet connection set up, which they won't do for free, but's tempting...

I'm not happy with where my computer is currently set up, in the bedroom. I want to move it back to the study, where it was when I first moved into this flat. Obviously then, I didn't have Internet access; and I only moved the PC into my own bedroom because at the time, there was someone staying with me and using the study as their bedroom. Since that person's left, the study doesn't really get used anymore except for storage, and I find that quite an annoying waste of the available floor space in my flat. As I understand it, having wireless Internet installed will allow me to set the PC up anywhere I want.

Question is, though: will it allow my neighbours or any waif and stray off the street to access the Internet on my costs as well?

I think I'll need to ponder this some more. Like I said, the offer's still valid till the end of the month.
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