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Jan. 24th, 2008

My sister's recently found a nice sofa in a secondhand furniture shop, and because I was at a bit of a loose end this afternoon, I decided to go and see if I could find something for the home there, too. I couldn't -- my sister must have bought the only decent stick of furniture that place ever possessed. Never mind, I thought, and started back towards the centre of town when I passed by another furniture shop; and this one was having a clearance sale. I had a look around, but even with prices reduced by 50%, most of the items on sale were still outside my price range. Then my eye happened to fall on this pouf.

I had a devil of a time bringing it home, as I had to carry it halfway across town. My arms still hurt, and it's been here for 6 or 7 hours...The cats were most intrigued by this strange new object having appeared suddenly in the middle of their lounge; but after sniffing it and reaching the conclusion that it would make the perfect place for a snooze, Leila claimed it for her own, letting the others know they weren't welcome to share it with her:

Of course, Manasse couldn't allow this state of affairs to continue for very long, and after a short siege, lay claim to victory:

But Leila's a plucky puss, who regrouped quickly and banished her brother to a discarded shoe box in the other room:

where he sat feeling very sorry for himself until I came in and shooed him out.


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Jan. 24th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC)
Silly kittys.
The pouf is lovely.
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:11 am (UTC)
Silly kittys.

It's Comedy Central when they're around. ;-)
Jan. 24th, 2008 11:17 pm (UTC)
Actually your house must be heaven for cats with a constant supply of shoe boxes....
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:14 am (UTC)
Leila and Clio aren't that bothered, but Manasse is a shoe box fiend: he's always trying to get the tops off and seeing if he'll fit in, and he doesn't care whether there are shoes in there or not.
Jan. 25th, 2008 12:21 am (UTC)
That's a classic piece which fits with modern lines. (Sorry about your arms.) But now it's also hours of entertainment, as the cats vie for king of the hill!
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:23 am (UTC)
I'll admit the pouf's appeal (to me) is in it's obvious similarity to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona furniture range, of which I see you have an icon -you look at that chair and it's hard to believe it was designed in the twenties- but luckily it was a lot less dear...

I just hope the cats won't wreck it in their struggle for supremacy.
Jan. 25th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
I'll admit the pouf's appeal (to me) is in it's obvious similarity to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona furniture range.....

My faux-Barcelona chair is the most comfortable chair I've owned, and certainly cheaper than the other upholstered options I tried.

Of course cats gravitate to the best place to rest in any house, or to the most precarious perch. Your cat in the shoebox reminds me of the "Scratch Lounger", a cardboard box just small enough to challenge a cat to fit into, with texture inside as it's made the layers of cardboard. So kitty can tuck inside and claw away.
Jan. 25th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
I'm sure my cats would love that, if I could find it somewhere. I'll ask at the pet shop next time I'm there.
Jan. 25th, 2008 12:29 am (UTC)
Awww. Poor little Manasse.

The pouf is a perfect kitty perch!
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:25 am (UTC)
I should have thought of that, really. I bought it for me, and now they won't let me sit on it. :-(
Jan. 25th, 2008 01:27 am (UTC)
The cat in the box is so cute!! He's very handsome.
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:28 am (UTC)
He's my baby, big and beautiful...and best.
Jan. 25th, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
Hee! Very nice pouf, and I love the kitty wars.
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:29 am (UTC)
Who needs television, when they've got cats, eh?
Jan. 25th, 2008 07:47 am (UTC)
Who needs children if you got cats:),this is just so much like the territorial wars my bratz fought when they were smaller:) but your cats are definitely more entertaining:):)
Jan. 25th, 2008 09:31 am (UTC)
Their squabbles certainly seem less serious, but maybe that's because we don't understand what names they're calling each other ;-)
Jan. 25th, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)

I got a pouf too when I got my bedroom stuff.

I'll definetly post a picture tonight or tomorrow x
Jan. 25th, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
I'll be looking out for it!
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