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Conflicting opinions

So I finally saw Rutger this morning, and it made for a confusing visit.

It started off with him spotting a raised bump in the middle of my clavicle that I've certainly never noticed there before, nor have either of the two GPs I've seen (my own in Dec and the locum last week), although when Rutger pointed it out to me I don't know how we could have missed it. It sits right in the spot where the pain radiates out from. Further examination of the arm and shoulder proved that there definitely is a restriction in the movement, but in his opinion this restriction doesn't originate in the joint or joint capsule, but in the clavicle itself. He thinks there may be, or may have been, a hairline fracture and then the bump would be due to the forming of new bone over the trauma. He recommends I have X-rays taken.

All pretty straightforward so far, but here's where the confusion starts: whereas last week my GP recommended a ten day period of rest coupled with medication, now my physiotherapist tells me there is no reason for me to continue with the time off work and I should stop taking the anti-inflammatories as they will do me no good whatsoever.

I'm not sure I agree with that last bit. Granted, I may not currently have a problem like bursitis or any other kind of inflammation (actually, I'm perfectly well aware that I haven't), but those pills also act as a pretty effective painkiller and I'm sure that if I didn't take them and went back to work again, very soon I'd be back where I was last week.

Which means that now I'm in a bit of a quandary, with two sets of medical advice and not knowing which to take for the best. I've already got an appointment to see the locum again on Friday; if I ring now I might be able to bring it forward by a day, but I can't see that it would make much difference. And it can take anything from a few days to a few weeks to arrange for X-rays to be taken when there's no medical emergency...Damnit! I hate not knowing enough about this stuff to decide either way.

The other day, I was suddenly reminded of the fact that I hadn't been to see my dentist in a long time. Usually, if you miss an appointment, they either phone you or send a card, but for some reason this hadn't happened this time. So I rang them up and told them that I thought I might have missed my annual checkup...they went off to consult their books, then came back and informed me I'd missed three! To cut a long story short, yesterday, I had my first checkup since 2004 (no cavities!), and now all I've got to do is remember to keep my appointment for 2009.
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