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I had a busy day, yesterday. I'd taken the day off, specifically to go to the hairdresser's and to meet up with a painter who'd called earlier in the week and offered to make me a present of the painting I'd admired in an exhibition some years ago; and then of course, I'd gone and squeezed in the interview as well.

First thing yesterday morning, I had my hair done. My roots were showing quite a bit and it had given me the desire to go back to my natural colour one more time before I go grey...but when I asked them for their input, my friends all seemed to favour the red. So I compromised and had it dyed in alternating locks of hazelnut and copper.

My hair sorted, I had just enough time to get home and change before I had to leave for Amsterdam and my interview. I arrived at the 'executive search & recruitment agency' offices a little ahead of time, but didn't get a chance to start to feel nervous as P., the guy I'd had the phone interview with two days previously, came down to meet me the moment he was informed of my arrival...which was pretty much immediately. We talked for about an hour and a half, and the upshot of it is that he would be very happy to recommend me in a managerial position to three of his current clients, to be taken on on an indefinite contract. He's promised to get back to me, hopefully with an offer, next week.

And that's where things stand at the moment, or rather: they don't stand at all, but are still up in the air instead.

Then after my meeting, I had to hurry back to The Hague to meet up with my painter acquaintance. She was actually a friend of Peronne's, and got in touch with me shortly after the anniversary of Peronne's death to remind me we had met at that exhibition a few years ago, and to tell me that while she was clearing out her studio, she'd come across two unsold paintings that we had apparently admired on that occasion. She now wanted me to have them. I spent a pleasant evening in her company, and went home the proud new owner of two works of art. They'll be delivered to me on Monday.
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