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Things that keep me up at night

Getting up in the mornings is getting increasingly difficult. I habitually set the alarm for 6:15 a.m., always waking up of my own accord well before that time; but whereas in summer I can't wait to start the day and jump out of bed as soon as I've opened my eyes, in the current season all I want to do is snuggle deeper into my duvet and forget there's such a thing as work, or cats that need feeding.

I like my bed. On days like this, it's my favourite place. But still there are some things that can keep me up and away from it, even when I'm so sleepy I can't really process anything. Saturday was a case in point: worn out with a busy day and a 'yoga intensive' (i.e., a 3-hour session concentrating on just 1 or 2 asanas), I wanted to call it a night around 11. But I still had these BtVS S1-tapes to watch, so I popped in the first and promised myself 'bed, after this'...Of course, it didn't quite work out that way. I made the mistake to switch to another channel while the tape was rewinding. And The Great Gatsby had just come on...

I first saw this film ages ago - and I last saw it oh, ages ago. It struck me that I couldn't remember what the story was about, exactly - other than that Gatsby gets shot at the end, by Myrtle's husband. So I started watching it again, all the while thinking 'I really ought to go to bed or I'm going to be a wreck in the morning'. Finally, at around 3:30 a.m., the end credits roll. And I go to bed, feeling strangely dissatisfied. I'd spent a long evening watching telly, while completely bored with it.

BtVS S1: it's lucky I didn't discover the Buffyverse for myself before S5. Had I seen the first 2 or 3 episodes when they first aired, I would never have persevered. People keep telling me that if I'd only seen the series from the very beginning, I would have loved Angel too, and understood wat made him Buffy's one and only - and she, his. Having seen the first 8 episodes now, I can honestly say: I still don't get it. There doesn't appear to be any chemistry between the characters, and the whole thing's a bit sudden and badly written anyway. One minute, she's thinking Owen's definite boyfriend material; the next she's discussing the possibility of a relationship with Angel Man of Mystery as a deeply desirable thing. All after having had just 3 or 4 2-minute conversations with him in which he, looking invariably constipated, hints at something dire and she protests that she doesn't want to know about it. And why did Angel stay the night at her place anyway? He wasn't hurt that badly! Vampire healing would have taken care of that scratch in minutes.
Apart from the IMO uninteresting B/A romance and the caricatures that are the bad vampires, including schoolgirl!Darla; there are some enjoyable performances of Giles, Jenny, Willow and Xander - so I may end up buying it after all.

And as for The Great Gatsby: I remember that the first time I saw this movie, I cried; and the last time, that I still regarded Gatsby as a tragic hero. Now, I see him primarily as a schmuck. What was there to love about Daisy? What could there have been? It's all very well to try and better yourself, but if it's all in the hopes of impressing some flighty girl -- pffft, why bother? All those millions, and his poor old Dad still had to lug that battered old suitcase around and come to the front door cap in hand.

While I was pondering these things, keeping sleep at bay, suddenly another thought popped into my head:

how exactly did the amulet that Spike had worn during his incineration in 'Chosen' come to be in an envelope on Angel's desk in 'Convictions'? Even if it didn't go poof with the rest of Spike, who got it out of the crater that was Sunnydale, and the rubble of the highschool?

Sleep proved elusive after that.


Oct. 20th, 2003 08:03 am (UTC)
Re: ..inquiring minds want to know....
My spec on the subject - somehow our old buddy Whistler the demon, working at the behest of the PTB, makes his way into the crater to retrieve the amulet, and then sends it to Angel. Another obscure means of passing information to Angel and crew that they need, in this case, our "shiny blond thing" to keep them all on the straight and narrow when it comes to running W & H. Hey, it's as good a fanwank as any

It certainly is - although if you'll forgive me, I'll wank another way! I have a real problem with the PTB being involved, you see: I don't like the idea that they've got a hand in everything...esp. not when it comes to Spike and his road to redemption. That's his decision, and nothing to do with any higher power playing him for their own nefarious ends. Or that's how I like to look at it.

I think I'll think of Spike's return as something of an accident - W&H gave the chain to Angel fully expecting, I believe, for him to wear it and suffer the fate that Spike now faces. So in the end, it's probably due to some evil lawyer plot that the bauble got retrieved and forwarded to the new head of the LA office.
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