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"Sun Bird" & "Fire Bird"

Earlier this evening, the artist and her husband dropped off the two paintings she no longer had room for in her studio, and that she had decided to make me a present of. Now that they're here, I just can't believe how truly generous she has been, and I don't know that I can ever repay her. I promised enigmaticblues that there'd be pictures, so without further ado...

The two side by side. This is how they will be mounted on the wall of my living room...once I've found and installed the picture rail system I've got in mind. They're too big and heavy to be suspended from a nail wacked into the wall.

This one's called 'Sun Bird'

This one's called 'Fire Bird'

In case you're wondering: they're done in a mixed technique of pastels (crayons) and acrylic (paint).
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