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Happy belated LJ-anniversary to me!

And once again, I've missed my LJ-anniversary! That's four times in a row that's happened...but the dates on my User Info page do not lie: my first entry into this journal dates from exactly five years and a week ago today.

Little did I know, when I put that tentative first post up, that five years later I would still be updating my journal regularly, finding things to write about in the minutiae of my daily life, which I would have thought would bore most people -and myself- to tears. Instead, I've found that writing in my LJ has helped me focus on the many positives in my life and made me appreciate it all the more. I have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which: my flist. You have all come to mean so much to me, as over the years you've been here for me with practical help, comfort and advice, have shared the LULZ and tales of your lives' experiences, and have proved just a great bunch of people to hang out with in cyberspace..and in real life too, when we've had the good fortune and opportunity to meet. So I'd like to invite you all to give yourselves a pat on the back from me, because without you here, I wouldn't have made it to this, my 1,267-th entry.
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