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Oh Leila!

How wonderful to see Leila up and about again, moving about the place like a listing galleon it's true, but seemingly growing in confidence and agility every hour. I couldn't have dared hope for such an outcome when I found her on the kitchen floor on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately though, now that one problem appears to have been overcome, another has presented itself: Leila, being the highly strung cat that she is, has responded to the stress of the last few days by developing the unrelated (to the ataxia, I mean) condition of urge bladder again. So now she's back on bladder relaxants, and hating me for administering them.

After five years, I've finally found a use for the Private (Just Me)-setting LJ offers: lyrics! When we were in our teens, my sister and I came across Mum's painstakingly transcribed and beautifully embellished songbooks of the 50s, and were inspired to do the same for the songs of the artists of our day that we liked. Monique gave up on the effort pretty quickly as I recall, but I kept it going for years. When I swapped my pen for a typewriter, I did my best to type up all my handwritten transcriptions; but when the typewriter gave way to a computer, I couldn't be bothered to go to all that trouble again. Then the other day, while clearing out the junk room (I had to keep myself busy in the times that Leila was asleep), I came across those hundreds of typed up pages again. And I suddenly thought, why don't I transpose them to my LJ? That way, they'll never get mouldy and I'll know where to look if I ever need to find the words to a song so old I only half-remember them. Although now that I've done a few, I must say it does look weird to see these lyrics that have no bearing on my life whatsoever in among my normal posts when I log in, and I'm not sure whether it was such a good idea to begin with. There's plenty of lyrics sites on the Web; I may just decide to rely on those in future, and throw my own collection away. After all, I didn't miss it all those years I forgot I had it.
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