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Saturday afternoon in town

Leila walks like she's just stepped off a horse, all four feet planted wide. She still can't keep her head up very well, and it droops to the side a little, but she's coming on in leaps and bounds. This morning, however clumsily she did it, she made it back to her old spot on the pillow next to my face, and purred and purred. I can't tell you how happy I was to see things returning to normal again in my household.

I bumped into an old friend from uni when I went out for groceries. She looked like shit and I was immediately concerned. I knew her boyfriend had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer some time ago (three years ago, in fact) and I learned that they had just been told he'd have another year at most. Her eyes were big with unshed tears, and I felt for her.

On the way back, I bumped into my nephew Mick, who's now gainfully employed making a nuisance of himself in the streets on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund, by stopping people and asking them to donate to the charity. It can't be easy; he'd been there an hour and a half, and he still hadn't been pledged a single eurocent, but he didn't seem too downhearted about it. I'm glad to see him out and about again, too...he'd been in a depressed state since November, when he decided there was no point in going to school anymore.

I'm seriously tempted to join David Berkeley for his upcoming tour of the South-East in June. Oh! to be in England, in the summertime... Since P. never came back to me with an offer, I reckon I'm free to dispose of my time any way I like.
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