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Tempus fugit

Looking in the mirror this morning I saw the beginning of crow's feet start to appear...oh dear! It's probably too late to start applying the creams and poultices now, and God knows I'm too lazy to keep anything like that up for any length of time, anyway. Why oh why did I not think this day might dawn some time when I still had time to prepare for it, like a decade ago or something? By now, I could have gotten into the habit of rubbing in the rich and rejuvenating oils on the tender skin around my eyes and avoided this whole tragic event from having happened today...

On the other hand, it could just be from my having bawled my eyes out over Rachel's demise.

BtVS isn't the only television show I adore. There's also a British series called 'Cold Feet'. It's been running for years; and charts the progress through life of a number of friends all living in Manchester and centring on the lead couple, Adam and Rachel. They met years ago when they backed their cars into each other in the supermarket parking lot; and yesterday Rachel died after colliding with a lorry.

I haven't been following this series as religiously/obsessively as BtVS; which means I've remained totally unspoiled for it - Rachel's death came as a complete shock to me. Shaken as I was though, this was as nothing to the feeling I got when the announcement came over the credit roll that next week's 'Cold Feet' would be the final episode EVER.

I'm completely floored. What am I going to watch now that both my favourite shows are ending? Is there any point left to life at all? Will they be showing a repeat of it soon? And from the very beginning? I hope so.

Meanwhile, I've noticed they're airing 'This Life' again both on the BBC and a Belgian channel. Funny, it's dated a bit, but not too much...perhaps I can get into that again instead.
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