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A few days ago, I received notification that the care home my father has been residing in for the last five years is to close on Oct 1st. Apparently, the accommodation, facilities and resources have fallen below the presentday standard and there isn't enough money in the kitty to alter the units and to hire and train more staff. After looking at various alternatives, the company that owns the building and provides the care for the elderly residents has decided to close it and tear it down. This means that in addition to having to find myself a new job, I also have to find my father and his cat a new place to live before the summer is out.

Mick's run away from home again this week, and my sister is frantic with worry, and not a little bit angry with him for leaving her in the lurch as far as the picking up of his little brother from school is concerned. I don't know; Mick will be 20 years old soon -- perhaps it's time he let go of her apron strings. We hear he's made his way to Utrecht, and has crashed with a mate of his there. I'm sure he'll come back once his savings or his welcome's run out, whichever comes first.

And I was pleased as Punch to see Jodie win the role of Nancy in this year's West End musical competition, although I do worry for her that the producer so obviously wanted Jessie for the part.
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