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Dad, Joost, And Me

At a meeting at my father's care home this afternoon, convened to lay the residents' and their families' fears to rest, I was pleased to hear that the home will do everything in its power to rehome the people in their care, and for that reason are willing not only to work with the families and mediate with other care homes in the area, whether they belong to the same company or not; but also, they have promised to pay for each individual move, and to pay for the cost of refurbishing the rooms in the homes of their choice (wallpaper, carpets and curtains).

It's a shame the other three homes the company runs in the area are all on the outskirts of town, whereas the home they are closing is right in the centre and only two streets away from where Mum lives. Still, one of these isn't too far from me and will be our preferred option. We've arranged for Dad to go and see all three of them next week, and then we'll find out from him if he could see himself living in any particular one, or whether we'll need to look further afield.

The Union has asked me to provide their lawyers with a copy of my contract, but despite ransacking the flat from top to bottom, I couldn't find it. So I had to go back to HR and ask them to send me another copy, which they promised to do, but not until I told them what I needed it for. Of course now they can forget about me having an answer for them the moment I get back from my holiday, which means that next week I'm going to have to stall and make excuses, and I'm not looking forward to it one bit.

Amazingly, 5 months since his last surgery and after 6 double doses of chemo, Joost is back on his feet, WALKING and taking the children to the pool on his bicycle. The latest scans show that the tumours have shrunk significantly, although they haven't yet disappeared. But he's out of the wheelchair and getting on with life...he is just unstoppable.
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