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Talking through my hat, as usual

Whoever's responsible for turning up the heating in this building clearly lets themselves be guided by the calendar rather than the reality. I swear it's warmer outside than it is in here, and I'm sat at my desk wrapped in a plaid -- how's that for a fashion statement?

Speaking of which, Clio managed to knock one of my hat boxes from off the linen cupboard this morning, reminding me of the fact that I hadn't worn any of my hats in ages. In The Netherlands, hats aren't really much of a ubiquitous fashion accessory, and since moving back here, I've sort of fallen out of the habit of wearing them. But thanks to my cat and her clumsiness, my outfit today, all caramels and chocolate browns, is topped off by my dark brown felt hat with fake fur trimming and and uneven rim pushed back from the front. I got it in Oxford years ago, when Anita took me round to all the best milliner's shops in town, and we ended up having tea in that swanky hotel, what's it called again? Oh yes, The Randolph, in Beaumont St.

I love millinery almost as much as I love handbags and footwear, and am willing to part with exorbitant amounts for a truly beautiful hat. I like them striking, although those that have survived as part of my wardrobe through the years are mostly of the classic variety...and oh no, I'm thinking bad thoughts again! 20 Days from now, I'll be in London...but I.Must.Not.Buy.Anything!

Oh God. I'm doomed.


Oct. 23rd, 2003 10:02 am (UTC)
Your outfit sounds wonderful to me!

I love it when it does get colder and we can pile on the layers and I love hats, they just don't love me. After a while they start to aggravate me and I always end up taking it off, which is a shame because they look so stylish.

As for handbags and footwear I would love to go back to the 1950's in the UK when it was de rigueur. My mum used to wear them and I always thought she looked really posh but alas I reached adolescence in a time of leggings and sweatshirts and a pencil skirt and winkle pickers were the furthest we went to scrub up for a night out. To be honest even that feels over dressed to me now but I really wished it didn't.

You should buy yourself something when you get to London. A trip abroad is the perfect excuse to be naughty for the sake of something nice.
Oct. 24th, 2003 12:16 am (UTC)
You should buy yourself something when you get to London

I should, shouldn't I? Oh get thee behind me, Satan!

Although...when it's something really special...