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Netherlands-Rumania 2-0

A good result. It took them a while to create a few chances, but then when they did, they didn't disappoint. So Holland and Italy are through to the quarter finals, and who knows, if they keep playing like this, they may even meet again in the semis.



Jun. 18th, 2008 12:46 pm (UTC)
Actually, they were trying quite hard in the first half, but Rumania just kept the ranks firmly closed. They tried the same tactic in the 2nd half, but then after Huntelaar had scored the first goal and the Rumanians became more desperate, they opened up the back more.

Still, I daresay that if Van Basten had fielded the A team, rather than the reserves, they would have broken up the Rumanian defense rather more quickly.

I wonder who they'll encounter in the quarter finals - Sweden or Russia...and which of those two will provide the better spectacle.