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The end of an era

Well, it's done. I signed my job away at 4:32 this afternoon. It feels really weird.

Of course, it was so like Jobsworth to try and go back on our agreement, until I pointed out the paragraph that read that I would no longer be obliged to come into work from the moment I put my signature to the document, so as to facilitate me in the search for employment elsewhere. Then he tried to appeal to my better nature by reminding me of how short-staffed we were...but how is this any of my business now? Twat.


Jun. 24th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
Or maybe he was just too stupid to realise it until he saw you walking out the door.

It's hard to credit, isn't it? But that's </b>exactly</b> what was going on in his head. And of course 'asshattery' is a word. I've just used it, haven't I? ;-)

Now's your chance to get a job without a 2hr commute too!

I hope so! So far, I've only been offered interviews (2) at companies that operate in the Amsterdam area again...but it's early days yet. I'll keep on looking for something closer to home for now.