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Fannish thoughts

There was a full concert listing right next to the cashpoint at the station this morning. My eye raked down it as I took up my place in the queue...and then I blinked, and blinked again. PAUL WELLER & SUPPORT ACT, 17-11-2003, AMSTERDAM, Name of Venue, 20:00 PRICES:
At first, I went SQUEEEEEEE!!! -- but then I remembered, and went 'Damn!' I'm in London Nov. 17th. I'm only flying home that night around the time the gig starts...

Paul Weller is my hero. Has been since forever. For those of you who have never heard of him: he was in The Jam, and in The Style Council, and for the past 15 years has been doing quite nicely as a solo artist. Jools Holland's had him do a set on 'Later' quite regularly. And whenever he plays anywhere in The Netherlands, I'm there. And now I won't be. Bummer!

Standing in the queue had made me miss my train, so I decided I'd kill the time by choosing another book, since I'd finished Stephen Pressfield's Last of the Amazons a few days ago and by now I was in desperate need of something to read again, something other than fanfic of which I take stacks and stacks home. I can't deny that joining the Buffy fandom has drastically cut back on my book expenditure in the last year; but the fact remains that sheaves of A4 printed pages are not an easy read on busy commuter trains.

So I'm browsing through the titles and flaps and I come to 31 Songs by Nick Hornby; you remember, the author of About A Boy. The jacket notes read: "Through 31 songs that he either loves or has loved, Nick Hornby tells us what music means to his life. These personal and passionate pieces are a celebration of the joy that certain songs have given him. (..)a soundtrack to accompany life." And I was instantly reminded of the song meme we did earlier (& which I still have to finish one day). Because Mr. Hornby is of a different generation, there are only a few songs he writes about that I can hum going through his book; but that doesn't matter. I never would have guessed a serious author to write about something so trivial and frivolous and fun. I mean, just because you do it, and I do it, doesn't mean it's high literature, does it? But now I'm thinking, as he must have: why ever not?

Finally, artemis_child's pointed me to an interview with Mercedes McNab on the web, in which she hints at a possible new romantic involvement between Spike and Harmony after the former regains his corporeality. Can I just say: eeeewww?

After concluding that once again, JM's been talking out of his backside as far as Spike is concerned, the following link to selenak's The Educated Fangirl's Guide to the Spike Wars helped lift my spirits again.

Now to conclude this fannish post: here's my Buffy Geek Code:

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