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Last day at work

Yesterday morning, when I woke up at my usual time, I suddenly thought why should I leave things the way they had the day before? Surely my colleagues deserved a chance to say goodbye to me? So I stopped at a bakery, got a couple of cakes, and went back to the office. Luckily, Jobsworth had been so taken aback by my refusal to help him out that he'd forgotten to ask for my badge, and he wasn't there when I walked in bold as brass. I sent an e-mail into the organisation, and for the next couple of hours, hosted a farewell party at my desk. When Jobsworth showed up, there was very little he could do to spoil it. We had a little tête-à-tête at his insistence, in which he had nothing more interesting to say than the usual platitude that if ever I needed a recommendation, he'd be happy to provide one; then when the party wound down, the cakes were gone, and everyone that had wanted to come and wish me all the best had done so, he declared his intention to walk me off the premises, and revoke my clearance with security on the way. I gave him the slip, though...or rather, I told him I wasn't ready to hand my badge in just yet as I need it to get me into the Kung Fu Panda-preview on Saturday, and this confused him so much that I managed to get away and out the door without him holding onto my elbow.

Unfortunately, this means I will have to go back and hand it in next week, but I'll do so to the head of security directly. The fact that he never asked for my badge while he was scoffing cake speaks volumes, doesn't it? ;-)

Meanwhile, the outplacement services agency has contacted me, and we'll start getting me ready for life outside hp from Monday.
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