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The move

I went to view the home Dad has chosen for himself, although 'chosen' isn't exactly the word to be used seeing as how after viewing it, he never bothered to look at any of the others. Now that I've seen it too, I can honestly say I'm happy with this move. It has so much more going for it than the old place. For one thing, there is this well-kept, great big sunny garden that the residents can enjoy. There's a little shop, a hospital wing, a hairdresser, and theý're in the process of adding a library. There's a doctor's surgery every Wednesday. There's a shopping centre right on its doorstep (which includes a Chinese restaurant and an Indonesian takeaway, Dad's favourite cuisines) and best of all, it's less than 10 minutes cycling from my flat. And the room I've bagsied on his behalf is spaceous and has its own balcony! Unfortunately, out of the three rooms that were currently available, this one they were still busy doing up, and so we'll have to wait until they've finished painting and putting up the wallpaper before we're given the key and can call the removal men...but that shouldn't take more than a couple of days. Just think, provided I can sort out the paperwork without encountering any delays, I could have my dad (and his cat) moved in and settled within the space of a few weeks!
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