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Pet rescue

All's now in readiness concerning Dad's move; he and his possessions will be ferried over to his new home on Aug 25th. Unfortunately though, his cat Apie will not be going with him. I received a phone call from the move coordinator earlier this week to say that alternative accommodation would have to be found for her. I was surprised, as I had already cleared her inclusion in the move with the staff at the new home, but the move coordinator explained that my father no longer cared for his cat in any way, and hadn't done so for quite a while. Instead, Apie'd been dependent on the kindness of individual staff members for a semi-regular top-up of her food and water bowls, but her litter box was only ever cleaned when I came to visit. With the closure of the home imminent, many members of staff had already left, and care for the cat had become very erratic, so please could I come and do something about it? Also, the new home had asked for assurances that Dad could and would take care of his pet by himself; the move coordinator had decided not to lie about it, and the upshot was that Apie was no longer welcome in the new home.

Of course, I'd been aware for some time that Apie wasn't being cared for properly. I didn't want to upset my Dad, but every time I visited, I'd try to make him see that looking after her was becoming too much for him. However, the merest suggestion that she'd be better off living with Mum (who'd years ago agreed to take her in if anything were to happen to my dad) met with fierce opposition from his side. He wouldn't be parted from his cat, denied that she was in any danger of neglect, and whoever said he wasn't taking care of her was a filthy liar. Her weight loss of recent months was due to her extreme old age, he claimed, and nothing to worry about. Try and seperate them, and I might as well just plunge a knife into his heart...and so, although I felt sorry for the cat, I let the situation continue. Until today.

I hadn't been able to visit last week, so the litter bin was filled to overflowing. Forced to find somewhere else to do her business, she had peed and pooped on a pile of newspaper in a corner of the couch. There was no water and no food, and according to the staff log, the last time anyone had put some out for her had been three days ago. So I told Dad I was sorry, but I'd come to take her to Mum's and that's why I'd brought the cat basket. I explained to him that the new home had changed their minds and wouldn't take her after information they'd received from the move coordinator, pointed towards the couch, showed him the sorry state of the litter box and her empty bowls, and...he finally agreed to let her go. Mum came round to see if I needed help persuading Dad, but all she had to help me with was carry Apie's food containers. Poor Dad! He had tears in his eyes as we left, and I know he's going to miss her terribly.
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