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Mum's going into hospital

I'm starting to put on weight again. The trousers that fit so perfectly last December, are starting to feel a bit tight, and those that fell off me 8 months ago, although they're still too big, are not that big anymore. Pretty soon I'll have to decide whether or not to go back on a diet again...I know I should (bye-bye chocolate!), but I don't feel like it right now.

I may have mentioned that my mum has been hiccoughing continuously for the last year and a half; a condition that has been driving her insane and has had her doctors scratching their heads for over a year...until that is, they found out the cause through an MRI scan. She was informed that she had a small tumourous growth on or in her spine, pressing on her diaphragm, causing it to spasm, and that they were going to have to operate on her, and soon, before it got any bigger and caused her to have even more problems (paralysis of the legs being one of them). She has now been given a date for her surgery to take place: August the 25th. Next Monday. The same day I'll be busy overseeing Dad's move...but as soon as all his furniture's been carried in and he himself has been settled, I'll be off to the hospital to see how things have gone with her. God, I hope she'll sail through it. I'm not ready yet to lose my mum, and I don't know if I'll ever be.

Looks like I'm going to have to take care of Apie while Mum's in hospital, too.

ETA: I'm back from the interview, and I didn't get the job. We had a really good chat about art, archaeology, and travels in the Middle East -me, the hiring manager and the department head- but when it came to the job on offer, they'd already made up their minds that it wasn't for me. My 'success stories', the recent additions to my cv my outplacement consultant advised me to make, had left them in too much awe of me. I've apparently shown far more initiative in past positions than is desirable in a lowly civil servant.
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