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R.I.P. Apie

Apie, my parents' cat, died in my arms half an hour ago.

It was only a few weeks ago that my mum took her to live with her after it had become clear that Dad was no longer able to care for her. Barely a week later, Mum went into hospital, and I took it upon myself to go to Mum's house every day to make sure she was fed and watered, and to play with her for half an hour before I went about my normal routine again. She was such a sweet little cat, who loved company, and took being home alone quite hard.

I put food out for her on Monday. Tuesday, her bowl hadn't been touched. She purred and danced around me like she always did, so I wasn't too worried...but the next day, I found she still hadn't eaten. I tried to make her drink some water, but she didn't seem able to swallow very well, and she was very unsteady on her legs. Still, I hoped she'd rally round...but this morning, I found her hidden away in a dark corner of the kitchen. Her eyes were open, but she lay there so still and felt so cold...yet her heart was still beating. I rang the vet and explained the situation, that I was taking care of an 18-year old cat whose owner was away, that she hadn't eaten for 3 days and that I was certain she was dying. The vet agreed to see us almost straight away, and when we got there, agreed with me that there was nothing that could be done for her except to ease her going. Apie died instantly, the minute the vet injected her.

And now I can't stop crying, even though she wasn't my cat.

I was supposed to have a phone interview for a job with Diageo, the world's largest drinks producer, at 4 o'clock this afternoon, but luckily the person who was going to interview me understood my reasons for wanting to postpone it, and now we've re-scheduled for Monday.
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