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I've been feeling pretty low lately. Partly, this was through knowing that I badly needed a haircut, which I got today (and it has perked me up); but mostly through the reality of what it means to be unemployed. I have far too much time on my hands to sit and brood on my dwindling finances, and to wonder whether my prospects won't diminish with each passing day as well. When I (sort of) chucked my job two and a half months ago, I never dreamt it would take this long to find another position; I thought employers would be tripping over themselves to hire me. Despite what the government says, this credit crunch seems to have had an impact on our economic climate as well, and I'm just too well-qualified, too experienced, too...expensive. And if I tell them I'm quite willing to discuss a pay cut if the rest of the package is to my liking, they look at me as if I'm mad and I never hear from them again.::sigh::

So tomorrow, I'm going to go jump through hoops for a position as customer account manager at Diageo's. I made it through the first (phone) interview last week, next up is the first part of their assessment programme. I'll give it my best shot, but I'm not building my hopes up just yet.

Is it Wednesday yet? I need to get out of this funk and I'm hoping Berlin will do the trick. It will have to do so on a shoestring though, because I'm seriously skint.
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