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Oct. 27th, 2003

I may get to go to that Paul Weller gig after all. I've just -and at great personal cost, I might add- made the necessary changes to my flight arrangements; now all that remains for me to do is see if I can still get a ticket. Think I'll use my lunchbreak to go down to the ticket booth.

I had a nice, quiet weekend...it was my sister's birthday on Saturday; so it was virtually impossible to make or execute any other plans for that day - you miss someone's birthday in my immediate family, you'll never hear the end of it. And then on Sunday, I finally got to take in the Holbein exhibition at the Mauritshuis -- which was actually a bit smaller than I'd expected, and a lot more crowded than I would have wished, but still very good. Shame though that the catalogue, beautiful though it was, was on the rather pricey side...think I'll wait a bit before making a purchase.

Today's the third anniversary of Aloysius' death; feels a bit weird to be sitting here remembering, and not bursting into tears again. I think time's healed that particular wound quite cleanly.