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And the prize for being the stupidest person on the planet goes

What you should NEVER do, when you've reached an understanding with a prospective employer after they've said they're willing to hire you and will make you an offer before the end of the week, is listen to bad advice and send them an e-mail demanding a much higher salary than you had previously indicated you were willing to accept. Because then they'll send you an e-mail back saying thank you for your interest, but we will not be making you that offer after all.

I have just come off the phone with the hiring manager. I have offered an apology, an explanation, and have begged her to reconsider...and fortunately, she has agreed to instruct HR to proceed with the original proposal, so all's not lost...But it's funny, if before I wasn't quite sure I wanted the job, now that I've almost scuppered my chances, I'm absolutely determined to get it.
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