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After yesterday's caper, I'd thought I'd feel much happier -- but in reality, I feel rather lukewarm about the job I've been offered with the bank. I suspect that a big part of this is due to the fact that I have not had to exert myself to get it, as I got in through being referred by a friend. Who has worked really hard on my behalf behind the scenes, which I appreciate, but...I would have liked to have got there on my own merit.

Also, I'm not really sure that I'm not still hankering after the job with Diageo. Who called yesterday to let me know I did sufficiently well in the assessment round last week to go through to the next stage in their selection process. I didn't tell them I'd already half-accepted another job...and will continue to put my best foot forward until they're ready to either hire me or ditch me.

Because the job at the bank, from the description of its responsibilities, doesn't really fire my rockets. It's safe and secure, the secondary terms of employment are excellent, but I'm used to working in a fast-paced, informal and international environment whereas this seems more sedate and is more formal...and it lacks the international component I enjoy so much, as this particular business bank operates and focusses entirely on the Dutch market. Which in today's economic climate may be a blessing, I don't know. There's not much chance of it going under because of unwise speculation in the American markets, that's for sure.

Anyway, I've still got some time to make up my mind once and for all. If all goes well, we'll sign the contracts next week, but I won't actually start in the job until Nov 1st (this is because M. wants to personally supervise me in the first few months; she will be on holiday for the next two weeks, and I will be in New York in the last week of Oct).

To me, this month's respite is very welcome for another reason as well: after 5 days of treatment with anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy, my sciatica hasn't shown any signs of lessening in intensity, and my GPs are now thinking of sending me for a scan.
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