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I gotta get through this

You've got to be so careful when you suffer from contact allergies. They're sneaky. Hiding in the smallest corners, they pounce at the slightest opportunity, get you in a mere moment of inattention, ruin your life.

There was a clothespin hidden in the collar of the new blouse I was wearing yesterday. By the time I got home, the skin at the back of my neck and down to halfway between my shoulderblades was puckered and weeping..and itching like mad. From past experience, I'd say it'll take about a week, or a week and a half, to heal. All the while, itching like mad. But I mustn't scratch. Scratching will make it worse. I'll just have to keep smothering it with ointment, and try and ignore the itch.
Why didn't I check that blouse more carefully before I put it on? I know I was running late, but I should have remembered these things can happen!

Contact allergies are a pain. I can't wear jeans (or any other clothes with metal rivets, buttons and\or zippers) without a full body-stocking underneath - which basically means I won't bother. I have to be extra careful in selecting any underwear. I can't wear jewellery unless it's gold with only the barest minimum of base metal in the amalgamation, and even then I may develop a rash. I can never tell you the time because I can't wear a watch. I had one that I could pin to my jacket a couple of years ago, but I got sick of people asking whether I was a nurse all the time. I can't wear (sun)glasses without the skin of my face puffing up and breaking open. I can't wear metal slides or clasps in my hair. When I was in hospital for a minor operation, I had to scream bloody murder to be allowed to go into theatre in my nightshirt, and operated on in the buff, rather than in the hospital-issued robe that closed with push-buttons made of some kind of metal.
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