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Poor baby

Manasse has been vomiting since Friday night. It's not food he throws up; neither is it plants or hairballs. Mostly it's just a clear liquid, and quite a lot of it...He does this about 4 or 5 times a day, and 1 or 2 times at night. He's got me really worried, also because I can see he's feeling nauseous (he's smacking his lips and swallowing like cats do when they don't feel well, and meows plaintively just before the heaving starts -- which is good, because it allows me just enough time to pick him up and carry him to the linoleum in the kitchen). Wouldn't you know it? My cat gets ill just before I'm due to go off on a city break to New York...

Still, that's not the worst of it. I've been out of work for 3 months, have not been able to claim benefit, and am now really starting to feel the pinch. Of course, I will start earning again soon, but until my first paycheck comes through at the end of next month, money is going to be extremely tight.

I had to stop by the vet's this morning to pick up the special diet foods both Leila and Manasse require (KER-CHING!), and hoping they could give me some helpful hints described my baby's symptoms...but of course they're not in the business of handing out free advice and so I'm taking him in this afternoon for a proper examination. I do want him to get well again, but I wish he could have picked another, less strapped-for-cash moment.

As it is, I'm seriously questioning the wisdom of going to New York while skint and worrying about my moggie's health, but when all's said and done, the tickets are bought and paid for, it's only a couple of days, and if I have to be skint anywhere, I'd rather be skint but having a ball over there than skint and stuck in the same old rut here.


ETA: 16:07pm - Back from the vet. Somehow, in the last year and without my noticing it, Manasse has picked up a heart murmur, bad teeth, and a mysterious thickening of his stomach lining. For now, he's been given a jab, sundry pills, and a new diet, while I have been given instructions to administer the tablets 5 times a day, with some of the food, starting...immediately; there's not a moment to waste!

I came out on top in the wrestling match that ensued (my hands are in tatters, but the first pill went down his gullet eventually), but he's spat out the food and sits in a corner glowering at me. The vet wants a full update on the situation tomorrow, and for us to come back in to have an ultrasound done later in the week.
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