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At last!

Due to the fact that I was unaware that running the latest Windows upgrade on a pc that has an AVG virus checker on it, and turning the pc off afterwards, would result in the inability of the computer to load, and would send it into an endless loop of boot screen-Windows logo-black screen-boot screen, I have been without Internet access for nigh on two weeks. Thankfully, one of my more computer-savvy friends agreed to come and help me sort it out, but even so, it took him the entire afternoon to get it all back up and running smoothly again.

At work, I'm still waiting for my own account to be created; I'm currently working on someone else's but have no access to Internet or e-mail. I'm hoping I'll get my own account some time this week, but even then I won't be online as much as I was before, because the protocols for e-mail and Internet use at my current employer's are much stricter than they were at hp.

I'm entering into my fourth week there now, and I'm still learning the ropes. Eventually, the plan is -or seems to be- that I'll be a fully-fledged risk assessor within a year or two, but for now I'm charged with menial office tasks like making sure everyone else's got plenty of tea and coffee to last them through their working day. When I'm not doing that, I'm reading the manual and familiarising myself with the specialist software and systems in use in the financial world. It's so boring I've come close to giving up...but then I received my first paycheck and changed my mind. Besides, I can't imagine it'll be like this for very much longer...wish IT would get their skates on and get me my account!

I'm getting on quite well with my immediate supervisor, who's Polish and a complete workaholic, strict but fair. She expects her team to give 110%, but -unlike Jobsworth- gives twice as much again herself; and she's passionate about improving working conditions and protecting worker's rights (for which she cites her Communist upbringing as an underlying motivation), to which end she's heavily involved in the negotiations with Crédit Agricole, the French financial service provider that has taken us over and with which we will merge in January. If, when that happens, our current (favourable) secondary terms of employment will be preserved, it will be in large measure thanks to her effort.

It looks like things have changed here in my absence. My Profile Page has taken on a new look that I don't think is much of an improvement, and when I go through my flist I see a lot of lj-cuts warning me that that the contents I'm about to view may not be appropriate to a minor -- then when I persevere, I can't find any reason for the warning to have been slapped on the entry at all. Can anyone tell me what that's all about?


Nov. 23rd, 2008 01:34 pm (UTC)
I was worried about where you had got to!

The job sounds boring at the moment - but at least the money will come in handy over Christmas!

I see Boggy has already cured your 'adult warning' thing - I guessed the same thing.
Nov. 23rd, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
The job sounds boring at the moment

It is a bit, even if I've got more stuck in over the last week and am now no longer just the girl who makes the tea and gets in everyone else's way; but I wonder how much of it is due to the job itself or me having to develop a different mindset to do it properly. I used to be in customer services before, where it was imperative that I build a rapport with my clients...here, I just have to check the paperwork's in order, and apply the rules. As my manager's manager told me the other day: "The thing you've got to realise, Hedwig, is that we're not a charity...the sooner you stop trying to get more advantageous deals for your customers, the sooner you'll fit in!"