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Quick update

Tomorrow's Koninginnedag (Queen's Day), which means the whole of Holland will be turned into one gigantic street party. The sun will be shining, there will be carnivals, jumble sales, lots of things to eat and drink. And will I be joining in the fun? *snort* Chance'd be a fine thing!

No, I'll be stuck indoors filling out my tax return forms that the IRS was kind enough to send me months ago and that by now are long overdue, and if I want to avoid being fined for my tardiness I'd better do them pronto.
I'm not looking forward to it. Not to put too fine a point on it, these forms are a bloody nightmare! And if they weren't bad enough on their own already, the accompanying explanatory leaflet is written in the vaguest officialese you've ever come across, and the helpline is constantly engaged (and tomorrow, they'll be closed of course, so why do I bother again?).

Sometimes, I ask myself why I decided to become a house-owner a few years ago, 'cause that's when all this trouble (i.e. my coming to the notice of the IRS) started.
To make matters worse, this year there are quite a few changes made to our tax system so I can't go on past experience much; something to do with our being part of the EU and all member countries having to toe some kind of line set by Brussels. And the long and short of it is: I'm not going to be able to claim back as much as in previous years.

But the real problem is, of course, that I'm the worst housekeeper. I get these official documents in, and I leave them lying about for ages. Then when people come round for coffee, I hastily sweep them off the table, pick them up and put them down again somewhere else, maybe in another room, and forget where I saw them last. Then when I need them, I can't find them, and I end up having to ransack the entire flat and dealing with the urge to throw at least one temper tantrum.

But if I do manage to find those ruddy papers and fill out the forms within a reasonable amount of time, then I might go out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will hold, although they did predict rain.
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