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Morning post

Season's greetings sent on their merry way this morning! Because I was late, and ill, and didn't want to spend too much any time picking and choosing, the theme this year is 'Naffest of the Naff' -- just so you know.

I was up early because I'd made up my mind that despite the fact that I was still feeling grotty, I was going back into work -- until I suddenly realised that I'd given the wrong date of recovery on the Arbo Services (the authority that monitors your sickness rate on behalf of your employer in The Netherlands) questionnaire I'd just posted; today's the 18th, not the 19th. Rather than proceed on my way to Utrecht and get into an administrative tangle later on, I decided it would be easier to take today off as well. I've got a mountain of ironing to be getting on with, anyway.

As I said, still feeling grotty; and the worst part is that my ears have closed. Everything sounds muffled, it's most weird -- I keep yawning and blowing my nose in hopes that they'll pop open again, but to no avail so far. I hate colds.

However, I trust coffee will make everything better.
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