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I wonder which of my neighbours will wake up lottery millionaires tomorrow...Luckily, I needn't envy any of them, as I've just received my own little windfall -- an extra half a month's salary as a bonus 'in recognition of my hard work and positive attitude' during these first two months of my employment at Crédit Agricole. I still can't believe how much better my new employers are at motivating their workforce by showing they appreciate their efforts. At the same time, I'm puzzled at and a little bit ashamed of my own response to management's magnanimity (at 11am, we were given the rest of the day, and the 2nd of Jan off); on the one hand, it feels nice to be appreciated; on the other, I still don't think this environment's for me...It's too well-defined, too strict and rigid for me, and I feel hemmed in...Also, I really really miss the international mix of colleagues and clients at hp. I don't want to sound ungrateful towards my new employers, but there it is...

Anyhoo, tonight I will be celebrating with friends and family, so I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very, very happy New Year, and God bless.
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