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Cold as ice

Feck, but it's cold! Minus 13, it's unnatural!

The bus I was travelling in to work this morning had an accident; it collided with a small grey Toyota. I was reading the paper and not paying attention to my surroundings, so when the driver slammed on the brakes, I went flying and hurt my wrist/thumb/does that fleshy part at the base of it have a specific name? It's probably just bruised, but what is it with me and busses? Remember last year, when I hurt my shoulder? That still plays up from time to time...Luckily, no one else on either the bus or in the car was injured, though by the looks of it, the only place that car could have gone afterwards was straight down the scrapyard.

It's taken me 7 days to defrost the fridge. Hidden in the last block of ice was a pack of sausages. Best before date: November 2005. If ever I needed reminding what a bad housewife I am, this must be it.

Have revived my account -- my! it looks different from when I last logged on...
Tags: injury, real life

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